Monday, April 23, 2012

Kambell Update

I just love this pic of Kambell for so many reasons.  It just seems poetic to me and represents him running towards something better in his life.
We went to dinner as a family at Los Vaqueros Restaurant, which is rare for us.  The boys did great and Kambell even ate some of his dinner, :)  YAY!!!  He refused to keep his shoes on the entire time we were there, and of course we have learned to choose our battles, so we let this one go.  Here he is running throught the gardens of LV after dinner... barefoot. 
He has overcome so much in his little life and making leaps and gains all the time despite his SPD. 
He has been seizure free for over one year!  THANK GOD!!  He has not even had a breath holding spell in several weeks. 
His speech therapy is going well, and his fluency has improved.  His feeding still needs some work, but I have faith that he will get there.
He has another swallow study scheduled at Cooks' in June, so we will know more about his oral motor development then.
He still seems to have some anxiety/self injury behavior, but it has just become part of his quirky personality.  And his behavior in general is always a challenge.  Sigh...
He was not accepted into the Play Therapy Program at UNT long-term due to his inabiltiy to cope and go with the counselors.  He is currently on yet another waiting list for more behavioral/occupational therapy.  It is nice to have a break from therapy for awhile.
I am so thankful for Kambell, and for God blessing him with the BEST BIG BROTHER EVER Kyler.  Kyler is so mature and patient with Kam.  The daycare workers always talk about how much they love each other and comfort one another.  I love my boys so much.


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