Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kam's Swallow Study Update

Boy have we had a VERY BUSY summer! 
Kam had his latest Swallow Study last week, and we came out of there with lots of tears but lots of GREAT NEWS!
Thank goodness for Kam's very kind hearted Speech Therapist, Mrs. Jennifer.  She went with us to the study and helped us out so much.  Eventually, they had to kick mom outta the room due to Kam not being cooperative.  Unbelievable, I know (insert sarcasm).
What is a Swallow Study you ask?  Basically, they strap Kam into a carseat type contraption and have him sip different consistencies to determine if he is aspirating at all using Barium liquids and X-Rays.

The test determined that he was having productive swallowing function and NO LONGER NEEDS THICKENED LIQUIDS!  YAY!!!  He thinks he is quite the big boy now, and it is sooooooo much easier being on the go and not having to worry about grabbing the thickener.
We did receive orders for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Feeding Therapy, which was no surprise.  Currently he is only receiving Speech Therapy, and I have to say, it is kind of nice.  Although I realize these therapies will benefit him, and he will eventually get them again (we are on waiting lists), it has been so freeing to not have weekly obligations, travels to Denton, schedules for therapies, assessments, etc...  Kind of enjoying it for the time being.
Here is my lil guy drinking from a big boy cup :-D!